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These regional organizations advocate on Cape Cod for Urine Diverting Toilet Technology and Large Scale PeeCycling, and consult with homeowners and municipalities regarding eco-sanitation installations.

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The Green Center

Advocates that offer Monthly Tours of the EcoToilet Center

Falmouth, MA

Hilda Maingay and Earle Barnhardt

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Nutrient Networks

Consultants that deal with install, design, permits, regulations.

Conor Lally


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Mass. Alternative Septic System Test Center

One of only two alternative septic testing facilities in the nation, managed by Barnstable County.  


Eco-Sanitation Technology

Ecological and Economical Alternatives to Septic and Sewer:

  • Composting, Incinerating and Urine-Diverting Toilets.

  • Nutrient Recovery and Pee-Cycling.

  • Municipal/Large-Scale Alternative Wastewater Treatment.

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