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Technical Assistance

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Technical Assistance

For homeowners interested in creating ADUs, we’ll help you every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible, including:

  • Town Regulations – what your specific town mandates regarding special permits, lot size, unit size, parking, rental term (12 months or less), owner occupancy requirements, etc. –  For more information (Click Here)

  • Septic - how to determine if your current septic capacity can accommodate an ADU and whether you are able to add capacity

  • Permitting – how to apply for a special permit if one is needed prior to the normal building permit that your contractor will apply for

  • Finding an Architect – a list of local architects that are willing to take your call and some sample ADU architectural plans – For more information (Click Here)

  • Finding a Contractor – a list of local and licensed contractors that are familiar with building ADUs – For more information (Click Here)

  • Finding a Lender – a list of local lenders with ADU specific loan programs – For more information (Click Here) 

  • Budgeting – sample spreadsheets to help you create your ADU budget – For more information (Click Here)

  • Incentives – understanding if you’re eligible for an incentive through the Lower Cape Housing & ADU Resource Center, and accessing other incentives your town may offer (Click Here)

  • Landlord Education – access to landlord training, sample leases, etc. (Click Here)

  • Online and hard copy information packages

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