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Building a House
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"Express" ADU Builders:
Pre-fab & Modular Designs


These local companies have experience building ADUs on the Cape and handle most or all aspects of the process from feasibility studies, designs, permitting, construction to finishes, so you have one point of contact handling the project from start to finish. 

They have a range of build options: from custom "stik builds" to "quick frame building systems" to "pre-fabricated shells" that are built off-site and installed by crane, and finished on-site.  Some of these options can cut down on lead time and active construction on site.  

They work with you to customize your design are open to taking your calls concerning new ADU projects.

Backyard ADUs




*Currently they are building 1 ADU per month on Cape and aim to build

2 ADUs a month by January 2024.

Click here to learn about their process


Backyard ADUs Youtube Channel

Backyard ADUs Facebook Page

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